Meet some of our teachers

Isabelle Austin-Zimmerman
Isabelle has taught with Civitas Schools since 2013, teaching at three of our King’s Cross schools and leading one of 

“I started teaching at Civitas Schools during my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at UCL. I now work as a Clinical Trial Manager for Cancer Research. Before joining Civitas, I had worked as a GCSE tutor and was really pleased to find the chance to teach small classes of younger students who can really benefit from the additional support. I really look forward to my weekly classes, it is so rewarding to see my students tackle challenging problems and become increasingly confident in their abilities. I have taught several children from Year 2 all the way to the end of Year 6 and have been so pleased with their progress and how much they seem to enjoy Civitas. Civitas Schools gives children an excellent opportunity to further their understanding of maths and English and it’s a real pleasure to be a part of the project.”

Rowena Gammon
Rowena has taught with Civitas Schools since 2008, leading our school in Wapping, and teaching children at one of our King’s Cross Schools. She particularly enjoys working with children in support groups, who need a greater level of attention.

“I have taught in the Camberwell, Wapping and King’s Cross schools since 2008, and was also involved with the inception of Faraday, one of Civitas’ New Model secondary schools between 2009-2011. I studied geography at the London School of Economics and then worked in the headquarters business sector of one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains. I formally trained as a Montessori teacher, and that methodology stimulated an insight into how children learn and led me to develop an interest in teaching children who are struggling. I completed a Helen Arkell Dyslexia Diploma and moved on to work with autistic children in a specialist environment. I home schooled my five children for two years, and I continue to find teaching highly rewarding, and it is a pleasure to encourage and support the children who come to Civitas Schools and develop their academic achievements.”

Dr Rashed Sheikh
Rashed has been teaching at our Kings Cross schools since 2016, is a Mathematics and Science tutor and researcher and teaches A-levels, GCSE, and KS2 students. He graduated with a PhD and undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from UCL and is highly passionate about improving the lives of younger students through education.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to teach younger students, whom can really benefit from additional support to their schooling education. It is highly rewarding and fun to see students tackling challenging mathematical problems and help them become increasingly confident in their abilities. Civitas Schools provides students an excellent atmosphere to further their skills in Mathematics and English, and encourage social and professional development, and am very fortunate to be part of the project